Louisiana Senate Passes Bill To Ban Sex Changes For Minors

(Photo by AHMAD GHARABLI / AFP) (Photo by AHMAD GHARABLI/AFP via Getty Images)

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Louisiana’s state Senate on Monday passed a bill to ban sex change treatments for minors Monday.

The bill would ban a wide range of gender treatments for state residents under 18, according to reports. These treatments reportedly include hormone treatments, sex-change surgeries and puberty blockers. The legislation will next be sent to the House for amendments. Afterward, the bill will land on the desk of Democratic Louisiana Gov. John Bel Edwards.

A state committee voted to kill a proposed statewide ban on sex changes for minors last month, with Republican Louisiana state Sen. Fred Mills serving as the deciding vote.  Mills, who serves on the state’s Health & Welfare Committee, claimed his decision “relied on science and data and not political or societal pressures.” (RELATED: Republican State Senator Helps Kill Bill Banning Sex Changes For Louisiana Minors)

The Louisiana State Senate responded by recommitting the bill to the Senate Judiciary Committee, according to The Associated Press (AP). The bill received unanimous approval from the committee, per the outlet. Attorney General and Republican GOP gubernatorial candidate Jeff Landry, along with the Louisiana Republican Party, pushed the state Senate to resurrect the bill, The AP reported.

Mills acknowledged his decision caused backlash, but claimed that his vote might have saved someone from harming themself.

“I want to tell you, this is probably one of the biggest blessings in my life, this controversy. I’ve been attacked nationwide, but I don’t hate those people … they’re passionate about their issue,” Mills said. “The people that contacted me throughout the United States … thanking me that maybe we prevented a suicide (with the committee vote), I will let you all know I love you, and I hope things work out for you,” Mills said, according to The AP.

Edwards spoke out against bills that restrict sex changes for minors in May. However, Edwards refused to veto a bill that banned mandated K-12 athletes compete on sports teams consistent with their birth sex. The Democratic governor has not indicated whether he will veto the bill if it arrives at his desk, according to ABC News.