Delta Flight Forced To Land Due To Technical Issues, Then Emergency Slide Deploys Inside Cabin


Kay Smythe News and Commentary Writer
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A Delta flight from JFK to LAX made an unscheduled landing in Utah on Saturday due to technical issues, and was later grounded after an emergency slide deployed inside of the cabin.

Some 168 passengers and crew members on a cross-country flight from New York City to Los Angeles were forced to land in Salt Lake City on Saturday after the aircraft’s backup system’s temperature instrument went on the fritz, according to the New York Post. After a short delay, the instrument was fixed and the passengers reboarded to finish their journey.

Reports suggest that as the plane was ready to depart, the inflatable slide at the rear emergency exit of the plane deployed unexpectedly, injuring at least one crew member, who was taken to a local area hospital.

Passengers shared images on social media of the emergency slide inside the cabin. (RELATED: Insane Video Shows Plane Landing On Highway)

Sources told the Post that the slide was accidentally deployed by the aircraft’s catering crew, forcing passengers to once again leave the cabin, as seen in a news report from ABC4. Passengers were booked onto another flight and given 7,500 miles by Delta for the inconvenience, the outlet noted. The crew member was later discharged from hospital.