Girl Scouts Sleep-Away Camps Accepting Boys

Lyrah Panarigan Contributor
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The Girl Scouts of America (GSA) will allow biological males to room with girls at summer sleep-away camps, according to the organization.

“Girl Scouts is proud to be the premier leadership organization for girls in our country. Our organization welcomes members of all gender identities and expressions, including at our camps. Therefore, we are offering an opportunity for families to select their preferred sleeping accommodation for their camper,” the GSA stated in the Camp Information Booklet.

The booklet goes on to explain that parents can choose from three housing options for their children: “No preference;” “Gender inclusive for cisgender females, nonbinary, transgender;” and “Female only for cisgender females.”

Parents also receive a mandatory “Meet My Camper Form,” which includes an option to disclose pronouns such as “she/her,” “they/them,” “he/him” and “other.” (RELATED: Girl Scouts Offer Special Patch To ‘Girls Of All Identities’ Who Attend Pride Parades, Complete LGBT-Themed Activities) 


The camps are geared for scouts aged five to 17, and are open to all Girl Scouts “even if they begin identifying as a gender other than a girl,” the Girl Scouts website reads.