Amazon Allegedly Shuts Down Man’s Smart Home Over False Claims Of Racism

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Kay Smythe News and Commentary Writer
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A video shared Monday by YouTuber Louis Rossman reveals the terrifying power Amazon servers have over your life, home and more.

Rossman joked that the nine-minute long video detailed the 80 millionth reason why no one should allow the technology in their home to connect to Amazon servers, such as doorbells, camera systems and more. He went on to read a letter from a viewer, who claimed Amazon finally released his accounts after an “unexpected and unwarranted lockout that lasted nearly a week.”

The viewer claimed an Amazon executive sent him an email asking him to call and discuss the lockout. When he did, the alleged executive said an Amazon delivery person had heard racist remarks while dropping off a package at the viewer’s address, and that the alleged remarks were picked up by the smart doorbell at the property.

Full video footage and evidence proving that absolutely nothing of this nature occurred were allegedly sent from the viewer to Amazon to prove his innocence, and to assert that the delivery driver clearly misheard the automated doorbell. But apparently this wasn’t enough for Amazon to restore the full smart features to this man’s house immediately.

His account was allegedly unlocked after Amazon conducted an investigation … but who the heck is Amazon to conduct an investigation into anyone? (RELATED: Everyone Joins Panic Over AI And The Apocalypse Months After We Warned You)

“Instead of apologizing for the fact that they fucked with somebody who purchased items in their home, that they apparently don’t have permission to use if a delivery driver mishears a fucking automated doorbell … they can’t even say just, ‘Hey, man, we’re sorry,'” Rossman riffed on the situation, shedding light on just how dystopian the entire situation seems.

Even if the above isn’t necessarily true, Amazon and anyone with the ability to hack a computer system can basically see inside of and control your home remotely. While smart homes become more and more popular, they also come with more and more risk. There is no reason to stop Amazon, the government or another nefarious actor from destroying your life from within your property, so why invite this kind of technology inside in the first place?

The whole thing seems like the introduction to a form of social credit scores. If someone hates you, they report you, and then you have your freedoms removed before you’re proven guilty … is that really the type of America you want to live in? If not, the solution is simple.

Don’t live in a stupid smart home.

Watch the full video here and make up your own mind about whether you’d be comfortable with this moderate introduction to what a social credit system will be like:

Amazon did not immediately reply to emails regarding this video and its content.