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DEROY MURDOCK: Democrats Are The Real Extremists. We Have Proof

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In an effort to divide the nation that he pledged to unite, President Joe Biden routinely decries “MAGA extremists in the Republican Party.” A March 27 White House fact sheet excoriated “Extreme MAGA Congressional Republicans.”

Biden’s regime-media bodyguards parrot this sentiment.

MSNBC warned about House Speaker “Kevin McCarthy’s GOP extremism problem.” Clean Technica reported Wednesday night: “Republican Extremism Could Be Major Threat To Home Insurance.”


If Biden and his pals in America’s newsrooms really want to foil extremism, they should direct their heat at congressional Democrats. A new group called the Institute for Legislative Analysis scrutinized 38,655 votes among all members of the 117th Congress. ILA examined roll-call votes from 2022: 43 in the Senate, 79 in the House. These covered fiscal policy, energy, healthcare, national security, and more. This yielded an overall Limited Government Index, with 0% most liberal and 100% most conservative. (RELATED: MIKE MCKENNA: Republicans Are Trying To Sneak A Carbon Tax Through The Back Door)

These hard data confirm that bicameral Democrats vote in near unison and much closer to the extreme Left than does the GOP on the Right. Democrats wiggle in a narrow band. Republicans waltz beneath a wide ideological rainbow.

I asked ILA to divide these parliamentary scores into five segments. The Left quintile goes from 0 to 20. Center Left: 20-40. Center: 40-60. Center Right: 60-80. Right: 80-100.

Among 47 Senate Democrats, 46 landed in the Left quintile. Only one voted Center Left.


Republicans, however, held much more ground: Three GOP senators scored Center Left. Center: 10. Center Right: 15. Right: 21.

Of the 218 House Democrats, 217 voted Left. Just one voted Center Left.