Screaming Trans Activist Removed From Event, Audience Responds With USA Chant

Matthew Nielsen Contributor
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A transgender rights activist was dragged from a Turning Point USA Event on Saturday after attempting to interrupt the playing of the National Anthem. Following the interruption, the crowd began chanting “USA! USA!” in response to the activist’s removal from the venue.

Videos show the activist lifted off his feet and carried out unceremoniously as the crowd erupts into patriotic chants.

Turning Point originally held the event as part of their “BLEXIT Live Liberation Show” tour, a series of collaborations with Candace Owens that seeks to highlight the growing divide between the Democratic party and African Americans. According to the event website, “Liberation NYC is an art pop exploration into Black America’s journey through history told in three parts – Liberation, Wilderness, and Promised Land.” (RELATED: Minnesota Drag Show Advertises To Children As Young As 4, Provides Juice Boxes And Milk Cartons)

Despite the nominally inclusive purpose of the BLEXIT Liberation Tour, many individuals and groups have sought to challenge and de-platform the events, with their original venue canceling its contract mere days before the New York event, Rolling Stone reports. This cancellation occurred because BLEXIT had “misled the venue, writing that ‘organizers presented themselves as ‘a non-profit organization dedicated to the advancement of urban and minority communities,'” Brooklyn Magazine reports.