Video Allegedly Shows Woman Posing As CPS Worker Attempting To Abduct 4-Year-Old

[Screenshot/YouTube/Fox 19 Now]

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Video footage has emerged which appears to show an Ohio woman allegedly posing as a CPS worker to abduct a four-year-old boy as he played in his yard Saturday.

Officers from the Norwood Police Department arrested Lisa Nacrelli, 44, on Monday and charged her with Criminal Child Enticement, Burglary and Personating an Officer. Authorities allege Nacrelli attempted to abduct a child June 17, a release from the police department read.

Home surveillance of the alleged incident shows a woman, whom police have identified as Nacrelli, approaching a 4-year-old boy playing on an orange bicycle outside of his Cincinnati-area home. In the footage, the woman appears to rub the boy’s back with her hand and run her fingers through the child’s hair as she speaks with him.  Later in the footage, the boy tells the woman he needs to go speak with his mother and retreats into the house before returning and asking the woman her name.

“We’ve taught him stranger danger, and he put his hands up and said, ‘I have to go talk to my mom,’” the boy’s father, Tim Spradlin, explained to Fox 19 Now. Spradlin further said that when his wife came out to investigate, the woman declared that she was with Child Protective Services (CPS) and was at the home to perform an inspection. Spradlin told the outlet that his wife allowed Nacrelli to enter the home to perform the “inspection” before the woman left, telling the outlet the incident left her terrified and panicked. (RELATED: Kids At Maryland Bus Stop Thwart Alleged Kidnapping Attempt)

Nacrelli reportedly stated she had posed a CPS agent in an effort to “scare the parent” after noticing an unsupervised child playing outside of his home, Fox 19 Now reported.

“I had been drinking since I woke up that morning. I walked to Kroger to get more beer on the walk home I saw a young child that I felt wasn’t being supervised so in an attempt to scare the parent I pretended to be from CPS,” the outlet reported, citing an affidavit signed by Nacrelli and filed Monday in Hamilton County Municipal Court.

Nacrelli was held overnight at the Hamilton County Justice Center and ordered to wear an electronic monitoring device. The judge also instructed Nacrelli to have no contact with the boy at her bond hearing, the outlet reported.