REPORT: FBI Investigating Pilot For Allegedly Stalking Woman From Ground And Air


Lorenzo Prieto Contributor
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The FBI is investigating a pilot who allegedly stalked a woman in Schuylerville, New York, and allegedly flew his plane near the village, according to CBS 6.

Cassandra Wilusz and other residents were concerned for their safety because of Michael Arnold, a 64-year-old pilot who allegedly stalked the woman from the air and ground since 2019, according to CBS 6. Wilusz says after CBS 6 caught Arnold allegedly driving by her business on video, the Saratoga County Sheriff’s Office charged Arnold with stalking and prohibited the pilot from flying any aircraft.

Wilusz has been granted multiple protection orders against the pilot. (RELATED: Ex-NYPD Cop Convicted Of Acting As Illegal Chinese Government Agent In Transnational Stalking Scheme)

Wilusz felt the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) and the New York State Police didn’t properly investigate her or the Schuylerville community’s complaints about Arnold’s flying habits, the outlet noted.

“This is no way to live and it’s terrifying to be quite honest because at any point it could be the day that he chooses that he’s landing in the middle of the village,” Wilusz said, according to the CBS 6. “I definitely solely credit everything that’s happening on the ground to Saratoga County Sheriff’s and taking it seriously.”

Officers arrested Arnold after allegedly violating the do not fly order. He must appear in Saratoga Town Court in late June.