Whistleblowers Allege Hunter Biden Deducted Payments To Prostitutes From His Taxes

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Testimony submitted to members of Congress from two IRS whistleblowers alleges that Hunter Biden illegally deducted thousands of dollars in payments to prostitutes and a sex club from his taxes.

In testimony provided to the House Ways and Means Committee on June 1, an unnamed whistleblower from the IRS alleged that in 2018 Biden underreported his income by $267,000 to avoid paying $106,000 in taxes.  The deductions listed that year were included personal travel, wages,  and expenses related to childcare. Additionally, Biden reportedly deducted payments made to “personal no show employees” one of whom was listed as his West Coast assistant. However, “she was essentially a prostitute,” the whistleblower stated in his testimony

“And we know that that $10,000 went to pay for a sex club. He went to a sex club, and we’ve talked to the person that owned that sex club, and they confirmed that he was there. And the guy has to pay $10,000, and the girl — whoever is referring him there doesn’t have to pay anything. So that was deducted on the tax return,” the whistleblower continued.

The other IRS whistleblower, Gary Shapley, also referred to 2018 when discussing Biden’s taxes, calling it a “slam dunk case” as he detailed how Biden had allegedly written off a total of $25,000 as a golf club membership that was actually paid to one of his girlfriends. “And then we went out and followed that money — it was for a sex club membership in LA,” Shapley testified. (RELATED: Whistleblowers Claim IRS Recommended More Charges Against Hunter Biden)

“There was a significant amount of expenses deducted related to his girlfriend at the time, Airbnbs related to her, hotel rooms. So he deducted a lot for the Chateau Marmont, and he actually was blacklisted and thrown out of the Chateau Marmont. We actually have videos — or we have photos of the rooms and the destruction that was done to the rooms,” Shapely continued.

Shapley added there were multiple instances of Biden paying for prostitutes and booking them flights which he later wrote off as expenses.

When asked why he decided to come forward with the information, Shapely told members of Congress he was always taught to be proud of his country and to do the right thing. “There is no reward for me for becoming a whistleblower. The only win for me is to not be fired or arrested or retaliated against,” Shapley stated.