Man Who Fatally Shot Mail Carrier Over Failed Marijuana Delivery Receives Life Sentence

Raul Arboleda/Getty Images

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A South Carolina man was sentenced to life imprisonment Thursday for fatally shooting a mail carrier over a failed marijuana delivery.

Trevor Raekwon Seward, 25, was found guilty of a September 2019 murder of a federal employee and other crimes related to the tragic shooting of 64-year-old Irene Pressley. Pressley was a U.S. Postal Service mail carrier in rural Williamsburg County, according to Fox News​.

The incident occurred when Seward discovered a note in his mailbox instructing him to pick up a large package of marijuana from a local post office, instead of it being delivered to his home. After not finding the two-pound package of marijuana he was expecting to see in the mailbox, Seward confronted Pressley demanding his package, which Pressley refused​, the report says​. (RELATED: Teen Gets Life Sentence After Stabbing, Axing Parents To Death To ‘Take Charge Of His Life’)

Seward, armed with a semi-automatic rifle, waited for Pressley to drive by a street in Andrews and opened fire on her mail truck, discharging approximately 20 rounds from behind of the vehicle. Several bullets hit Pressley. After the shooting, Seward reportedly drove the mail truck into a ditch, searched through it to try to find his package and anything else valuable, then left Pressley’s body in the truck​.

The marijuana package was later found on the street where the murder took place, according to court records, Fox News reported.

At his sentencing hearing Thursday, Seward said he didn’t “want to cause any more confusion. I don’t have anything to say,” the outlet noted.