Pop Star’s New Song Shows The Left Really Is In A Death Cult

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Gage Klipper Commentary & Analysis Writer
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Human sacrifice, devoted followers and one self-indulgent voice looking to position herself as the leader — now if that’s not a death cult, what is?

Pop star Demi Lovato is once again seeking to fortify her left-wing bona fides to the millions of young girls who look up to her online. Previously, she released a “powerful” ballad lambasting President Trump before “coming out” as “non-binary.” Now, she is “tired” of “they/them” pronouns and has decided to hitch her credibility to being an abortion crusader. Her latest political anthem is really just the id of the Democratic Party speaking freely.

Lovato’s new song “Swine” commemorates the one-year anniversary of the Supreme Court’s reversal of Roe v. Wade. The song’s core theme is that any limitation on a woman’s ability to murder her child in the womb relegates her to the status of livestock.

While conservatives justifiably had nothing good to say about the song, the left predictably applauded the “powerful pro-choice anthem.” Rolling Stone commended Lovato’s willingness to “fight back” to “protect bodily autonomy,” while Amazon Music’s official Twitter account tweeted, “Love you Demi!” Given Lovato’s target demographic, much of the “grassroots” praise of the song is presumably coming from impressionable, young girls.

Lovato’s shallow anthem adds little real substance to the abortion debate. It does, however, unintentionally reveal the modern left’s adoption of a hyper-individualistic pagan faith which achieves its greatest good through human sacrifice. This is not a fringe view, but an honest insight into a movement whose adherents still feel some vestigial shame in espousing their views so openly.(RELATED: New Hit Song ‘Pound Town’ Makes ‘WAP’ Sound Like Shakespeare)

The song begins with pure lyrical genius, “God forbid, I wanna suck whatever the fuck I wanna/God forbid, I wanna fuck whoever the fuck I want/and if he cums I guess I gotta be a mother.”

While this line is intended to shock and repulse, it is nevertheless revealing. Lovato demands the freedom to do whatever she wants, as long as its consensual, presumably. This is not really freedom though; freedom exists as the flip-side of responsibility. Freedom of choice also comes with the responsibility to make good choices. That is how Americans traditionally understood freedom in the private sphere, and why the founders put so much weight on the need to foster a “virtuous people“.

What Lovato wants is more akin to slavery than freedom. Unconstrained by external forces, she is totally subservient to her own sexual desires. She then demands liberation from the consequences.

That women face this specific responsibility to make good sexual choices is an undeniable, biological fact. Fair or not, it is women who get pregnant and give birth to children.  Traditionally, women were encouraged to make decisions with this reality in mind — to use a combination of reason and morality to either eschew risky sexual behavior or find a supportive partner to help raise the “consequences.” In other words, women were expected to rely on the two unique faculties that make us human.

Swine do not have the ability to reason or be moral. It can only pursue its base desires. It eats when it’s hungry, it sleeps when it’s tired, it fornicates, defecates. It is effectively subject to these desires; if it fails to do any of them, ceases to be. In a twist of irony that surely goes over her head, Lovato believes that living like an animal is the epitome of womanhood, while using human faculties to suppress or channel harmful desires toward a higher purpose is to live like a swine.

The most telling part is the line, “Picture your faith . . . even your Holy Bible/It’s suddenly banned, do you understand?” She continues with, “It’s your Book, but it’s my survival.” In comparing the Bible and the Christian faith to abortion, she admits that abortion is her religion. Her faith demands the sacrifice of unborn children to attain the left’s highest good — absolute individual liberation. (RELATED: Rapper’s Belated Walk Of Fame Star Reveals How Thug Culture Has Finally Won In America)

“We gotta grow ’em, we gotta raise ’em, we gotta feed and bathe ’em,” Lovato laments. An abortion liberates a woman from the responsibilities that would otherwise limit her — only through the death of a child can the life of the mother be truly realized.

The left is ultimately not only waging war against personal responsibility, but nature itself. Whatever makes you happy, whatever fulfills your individual sense of desire, is in fact the highest good. There is no universal morality, such as the sanctity of human life, to guide human action. Rather, the only timeless truth is that we each deserve to realize our own subjective sense of self. If the biological reality of nature gets in the way, then we must find a way to bend it to our will.