Rescuers Bring 20 Dogs From China To America Before They Get Slaughtered, Eaten

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Twenty dogs rescued from the meat trade in China were welcomed at Los Angeles International Airport’s (LAX) first-of-its-kind animal care center on Tuesday.

Rue’s Kennel, the first airport animal care facility in the nation, collaborated with the nonprofit organization China Rescue Dogs to facilitate the rescue operation. The group of saved dogs consisted of 16 golden retrievers, two corgis, one malamute and one poodle, according to KABC-TV.

“This is compassion. These animals would have suffered a very gruesome fate,” Inglewood Mayor James Butts told the outlet. “We are so happy to have our new residents and these animals will live happy and productive lives. We’re grateful for that.” (RELATED: Animal Control Rescues Missing Dog That Was Stuck On Island For Weeks)

Although not widely practiced, the sale and consumption of dog meat is legal in China, the outlet reported, citing the Asia Society. Some meat harvesters are of the opinion that the more the animal suffers leading up to the slaughter, the more tender its meat becomes, China Rescue Dogs president and co-founder Jill Stewart said, KABC-TV reported.

Tibetan monks from Long Beach reportedly offered blessings over the rescued dogs in a dedicated ceremony. China Rescue Dogs has saved over 2,000 dogs since its founding in 2019, according to the outlet. The 20 rescued animals are set to be adopted by families across California and the rest of the United States.