Steven Crowder Kicks Off Chaotic Court Battle For Custody Of One-Year-Old Twins

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Iraj Shahzad Contributor
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Commentator Steven Crowder and his wife, Hillary, faced each other in a Texas court on Thursday as the divorcing couple began a custody battle over their one-year-old twins.

During the proceedings, both legal teams drew reprimands for speaking over each other, causing disruptions and making it difficult for the court reporter to transcribe the testimony, Texas-based outlet Current Revolt reported.

Crowder had requested the courtroom be sealed to stop his estranged wife’s testimony from being reported, but the judge refused, saying the public has a right to know about the case, according to Current Revolt.

Hilary testified that Crowder has rage issues and punches holes in the wall, while Crowder pushed for full custody of his children claiming Hilary exhibited “erratic behavior,” the outlet reported.

For his part, Crowder alleged that Hilary’s family had leaked viral footage of him berating her while she was pregnant and that the clips were deceptively edited, according to the New York Post.

Crowder claims that the videos were “deceptively edited.” (RELATED: Steven Crowder’s Wife Releases Home Video Showing What Her Camp Calls Abuse)

Hilary testified that Steven was not present during the birth of his children and had moved out of the family home even before the twins were born, and Crowder responded that his absence was due to a surgery he was having at the time, the Post reported.

The judge said she would not alter the custody arrangement and was “dismayed by the volume of motions,” per the outlet.

These revelations led an unnamed former staffer to call Crowder a “hypocrite,” pointing to the conservative commentator’s tweets in which he described fathers as “largely useless,” compared to mothers, the Post reported.