Cocaine Found In White House After Hunter Biden Visited

Ng Han Guan-Pool/Getty Images

Julianna Frieman Contributor
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Cocaine was found in the White House after Hunter Biden paid the president a visit.

A white powdery substance later tested positive for cocaine was found in the White House’s library on Sunday, the Washington Post reported, drawing on two unnamed “officials familiar with the matter” and a dispatch recording from the Washington, D.C., fire department. The first son was seen leaving the executive mansion two days earlier, on his way to a weekend at Camp David with his father, the outlet reported.

The area was briefly evacuated until the D.C. fire department was able to determine that the substance was not a threat. Further testing and investigation revealed that the white powder was cocaine, according to the dispatch(RELATED: Mother Of Hunter Biden’s Disowned Child Speaks Out After Settlement)

“On Sunday evening, the White House complex went into a precautionary closure as officers from the Secret Service Uniformed Division investigated an unknown item found inside a work area,” Anthony Guglielmi, a spokesman for the Secret Service, said, according to NBC News. “The DC Fire Department was called to evaluate and quickly determined the item to be non-hazardous. The item was sent for further evaluation and an investigation into the cause and manner of how it entered the White House is pending.”

President Joe Biden was not at the White House when the cocaine was discovered and returned to the White House on Tuesday.

His son, Hunter, has a history of cocaine use and crack addiction. Photos from the first son’s laptop that show him smoking crack and speeding at 172 mph to meet prostitutes were published Saturday.

In late June, Hunter Biden was charged with illegally possessing a handgun while addicted to drugs and with failing to pay his federal taxes in 2017 and 2018. The president’s son will plead guilty to avoid spending time in prison.