Straight Comedy! Damian-Lillard-To-Heat Trade Is Reportedly On Hold Because Nobody Wants *Clears Throat* Ben Simmons

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This is absolutely hilarious!

The Miami Heat are still working on a trade to bring Damian Lillard to the 3-0-5 from the Portland Trail Blazers, however, there’s one thing that’s helping to hold up the potential three-team deal, according to Five on the Floor’s Greg Sylvander.

The third team involved in negotiations is the Brooklyn Nets, who just blatantly want to get rid of Ben Simmons as a part of a possible deal. But the problem is, no franchise is interested in bringing him in, according to Sylvander.

Just straight-up comedy!

Because, of course, Ben Simmons would be one of the problems.

I was just ranting to my wife before writing this blog about how Ben keeps somehow finding a way into my life, and he’s never even played for my team! I don’t get it.

When he was with the Philadelphia 76ers, he was in my life hardcore as I had to cover him professionally working for a central Pennsylvania newspaper, as well as the Sixers-Heat rivalry. He goes to Brooklyn and it’s the same thing, he was linked to Miami because of the Heat and Nets having a bit of a rivalry. And now here we go with this guy holding up the Damian Lillard trade because he’s so trash, if he even plays.

For the love of God, why does this guy keep coming back into my life? (RELATED: The Plot Thickens! Tyler Herro Makes Cryptic Twitter Moves, Adding Speculation That Damian Lillard Is Headed To Miami)

It’s comically annoying at this point, like one of those moments where you giggle in irritation.

Man, I hope Portland takes him so he goes out West. I’m so done with Ben Simmons.

As far as the deal itself, I see things eventually getting worked out and Dame coming to South Beach. He’s made it pretty clear that he wants to play for the Heat and that’s it.

Do you really think Portland is going to disrespect their superstar of 11 seasons? Do you really think they’re going to make this situation that ugly? Do you really think the Blazers want to look this bad?

They’ll be patient with Miami until they get the assets they want, and that’ll be it. Dame will be a Heat, guaranteed.

We just need to figure out what to do with this Ben Simmons guy, because screw him being in Miami.

… Yeah, screw that.