Late Rapper’s Wife Breaks Her Silence On Circumstances Surrounding His Death

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Leena Nasir Entertainment Reporter
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Jasmine Dumile, the wife of the late rapper MF Doom, broke her silence on the circumstances surrounding the legendary artist’s death in October 2020.

Dumile’s update comes nearly three years after news of his passing at the age of 49 sent shockwaves through the entertainment industry. Initial reports cited MF Doom’s cause of death as “unknown causes,” and the public wasn’t informed of his passing until two months after his death, according to Billboard. Dumile revealed her husband suffered from kidney disease and high blood pressure, which led to his weight gain and issues with anxiety. An issue with his ACE inhibitors ultimately aggravated his condition, according to Billboard.

MF Doom’s condition suddenly deteriorated when the two doses of ACE inhibitors were used to treat his pressure. He developed breathing problems and was rushed to the emergency room when his tongue and throat swelled up, Dumile said.

Dumile said MF Doom called her from the hospital in a state of sheer panic, and she used a second phone to alert the nurses on duty that he needed urgent medical care. She was unable to be at his bedside due to severe COVID restrictions at the time, according to Billboard.

She revealed that on October 21, the legendary MC complained he couldn’t breathe and tried to get out of his hospital bed, but collapsed and suffered respiratory arrest, according to Billboard.

On October 31, Dumile was permitted to visit her husband.

“That’s when the respirator was turned off that was helping him breathe,” she said.

Dumile’s legal team determined that there was an alleged two-hour delay in which St. James Hospital in Leeds staff failed to give him medication for his throat swelling. (RELATED: Influential Artist Big Pokey Dead At Age 48 After On-Stage Incident)

Doctors reportedly noted that the swelling of his tongue, throat and lips was a “rare” side-effect of the ACE inhibitors, according to Billboard. The famous artist developed a condition called angioedema, which is comparable to hives that break out under the skin.

Leena Nasir