San Francisco Is An American Disgrace! Former Glory City Now Sees Teenagers Attacking Mothers With Baseball Bats

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Andrew Powell Sports and Entertainment Blogger
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What an embarrassment San Francisco has become.

In a wealthy San Francisco neighborhood that’s known for their young families, teenagers using baseball bats are reportedly attacking and robbing mothers, as well as nannies.

Known locally as “stroller alley” because of the young families that live there, Noe Valley had a total of 11 phone robberies last week, which police believe is connected to a gang of minors wielding bats who have recently been assaulting women while they pick up their young children from school, according to The Telegraph.

Last week, a youth reportedly assaulted two women in the neighborhood, allegedly hitting one of the women with a baseball bat while the other was hit in the face.

The Daily Caller has reached out to the San Francisco Police Department for comment.

Man, it’s sad what San Francisco has become.

And what’s truly incredible about this city’s regression is how glorious this city used to be. As an American, it used to be something to be proud of. I mean, come on, the Golden Gate Bridge had so much swag, and still does. But it’s almost like the city and the bridge have gone their separate ways, with the bridge still having a pop and the city going straight down the toilet. (RELATED: Kid Rock’s Bar Reportedly Sold Bud Light After He Shot Up The Mulvaney Cans)

Like seriously, how did a city that created something so corny and family friendly…

…become this?

San Francisco — an outright disgrace to the United States of America.