Manhunt Underway For Murder Suspect With ‘Survivalist Skills’

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A multi-agency manhunt is underway for a murder suspect who escaped from a Pennsylvania jail cell Friday morning, authorities have announced.

Local and federal authorities are searching for Michael Charles Burham, 34, after he was discovered missing from the Warren County Jail Friday morning, NBC News reported. Burham was being held on suspicion of burglary and arson as well as kidnapping a Warren County couple. Burham is also considered a suspect in the murder of Kala Hodgkin, a resident of Jamestown, New York, the outlet stated.

Burham allegedly made his escape by using a piece of exercise equipment to climb out through a metal gated roof on top of the facility. Burham then allegedly climbed down and out of the facility using bed sheets he had tied together, Cecile Stelter, a spokesperson for Warren County, stated, according to NBC News.

“He is considered dangerous by his past actions,” she said. “And the public is asked not to approach him, but if they see anything unusual to call 911,” Stelter revealed. (RELATED: Convicted Murderer On The Loose After Escaping Ohio Prison: Police)

This is not the first time Burham has been the subject of a manhunt. After Hodgkin was found fatally shot in her home, Burham — who was already wanted for allegedly raping her — reportedly attempted to break into an ex-girlfriend’s home and set her car on fire, NBC News reported. As he fled, Burham allegedly kidnapped a Pennsylvania couple from the home at gunpoint. Authorities then went on a multi-state manhunt for Burham, catching up with him May 24 in South Carolina. The kidnapped couple was found alive in a North Charleston cemetery, the outlet stated.

Pennsylvania State Police Lt. Col. George Bivens has described Burham as a “self-taught survivalist” with military experience, ABC News reported. Bivens further revealed authorities do not believe Burham has left the general area of the search, believing he is “holed up” in the woods surrounding the city. Due to the steep and rugged terrain, it is “taking a lot of time and effort to search those areas,” Bivens stated.

Over 10 federal, state and local law enforcement agencies are working together in an attempt to find Burham, NBC News reported.