Spencer Cox Dodges Whether He’d Back Trump In 2024 Election


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Republican Utah Gov. Spencer Cox refused to clarify Saturday if he would support former President Trump if he were to win the 2024 GOP nomination.

Cox was featured as a main speaker at the Braver Angels convention in Gettysburg, Pennsylvania. During his speech, the Utah governor referenced Trump’s lead in the GOP primary and lamented that he could once again become the party’s nominee. (RELATED TO: Utah Lawmakers Override Gov. Cox To Ban Biological Men From Women’s Sports)

“Sixty percent of Republicans do not want the current frontrunner for president. Seventy percent of Democrats don’t want the current frontrunner for President. A supermajority of Americans do not want the two current frontrunners for the presidential nomination. We are sleepwalking towards the most dreaded election of our lifetime,” Cox said.


“Wake up, America.” Cox pleaded.

The Daily Caller asked Cox to clarify his stance on President Trump and if he would endorse him should he become the 2024 GOP nominee.

“Well look, I never play in future possibilities. That’s bad politics. But what I will tell you is that I’m willing to work with President Trump,” Cox said.

This is not the first time Cox has dodged whether he would support a Trump 2024 nomination. He appeared on NBC’s “Meet the Press” saying he did not believe Trump would help the party on a national ticket.

“I believe in governors. I believe we have an opportunity. I believe that we lost the House, the Senate, the presidency with President Trump,” Cox said. “I like winners and I think we need a winner, and I think there are several governors that are winners right now.”