Saving Kids From Sex Traffickers Is ‘QAnon-Adjacent’ Now, According To Corporate Media


Kay Smythe News and Commentary Writer
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Angel Studios’ already-hit film “Sound Of Freedom” made a projected $40 million in its opening week, but apparently it’s a “QAnon-Adjacent” conspiracy … based on real events?

Despite only being shown in 2,850 theaters across the U.S., “Sound Of Freedom” made $18,200,000 in its first weekend, and roughly $40,200,000 in the opening week, according to a statement from Angel Studios, who produced the film. The plot follows the true story of a former Department of Homeland Security special agent who goes on a mission to rescue young children from international sex trafficking rings in South America — but some outlets seem to be denying that international sex trafficking rings are even a thing.

The Guardian called the movie a QAnon-adjacent thriller, while Rolling Stone bizarrely decided to use the same language throughout their laughable review of the movie. It is almost like the Guardian and Rolling Stone were told to write such similar and blatant hit pieces against what is such an important film.

I know, it sounds like a conspiracy, but just how ignorant does one have to be to deny the existence of international child sex trafficking?


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Thankfully, the American public isn’t as stupid (or blatant in their propaganda??) as the folks over at Rolling Stone and the Guardian. (RELATED: Even Liberal Critics Are Praising New ‘Conservative Thriller’ About Evil Child Sex Trafficking Rings)

We are all still very aware that international child sex traffickers Jeffrey Epstein and Ghislaine Maxwell aren’t even the tip of the iceberg in this crisis. And with tens of thousands of unaccompanied minors making their way over our borders every year, it feels utterly disgusting for anyone — let alone members of the press — to deny the veracity of this horrific crisis.

The fact that “Sound Of Freedom” made so much money that it makes mainstream Hollywood looks redundant in its existence was a huge win for Angel Studios. The idea that the film seemingly scared the progressive press so much that they denied their own prior reporting on the child sex trafficking crisis? Well, that seems pretty freaking wild if you ask me.