Andrew Tate Sits Down For One-On-One With Tucker

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Nicole Silverio Media Reporter
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Former kickboxer-turned-influencer Andrew Tate sat down with Daily Caller co-founder Tucker Carlson in a “Tucker on Twitter” interview that dropped Tuesday.

Carlson opened the interview with a monologue warning about the emasculation of American men. He pointed to the “grotesque” feminist experiments of trying to snatch manhood away from boys and men.

“What would it be like to find yourself the subject of that experiment, as a boy trying to become a man during the Biden years?” Carlson asked. “Well, you might kill yourself. Many have. You might decide to reject your own manhood and embrace androgyny or even switch sexes. ‘Girls are better?’ ‘Fine, I’ll become one.’ Or more likely, you might simply withdraw into porn and weed and video games and give up on your life before it’s begun.”

Carlson said Tate argued in the interview that men want respect above all things, and thus must earn it by finding God and living a healthy lifestyle. He flew to Romania, where Tate is being held on criminal charges, to hear Tate’s view on masculinity. (RELATED: ‘Fat Guy In A Costume’: Tucker Carlson Mocks Rachel ‘Rick’ Levine For Pushing Trans Ideology)

Tate, who is facing human trafficking, rape and criminal gang charges, told Carlson he and his brother, Tristan, are accused of “mak[ing] girls do TikTok [videos]” to then steal the money those TikTok videos earn. He said he spent 92 days in a Romanian jail, but that he did not initially know why he was being held.

He accused the Romanian government of attempting to “coerce” the women to come forward with allegations because it has no evidence of actual crimes. He further raised the idea the media is intentionally slandering him by consistently covering him committing “such a heinous crime.”

“I would hate to come across as a conspiracy theorist, but I kind of have a feeling that it might have something to do with my influence in an attempt to slander my name,” he said. “But the fact that they chose such a heinous crime, and they report it so heavily, and they won’t shut up … also considering the fact that people who actually commit heinous crimes have way more favorable press coverage. But I don’t want you to think that I’m a conspiracy theorist. Please, Tucker, I would hate for you to come here and call me crazy.”

On the subject of manhood, Tate told Carlson he is attacked for emphasizing the importance of having a masculine presence in a relationship with a woman in order to have a functioning society. He said elites are trying to “instill cowardice” in men and elicit compliance in society by refusing to apologize for their allegedly false statements about the COVID-19 vaccine and other hot-button issues.

Tate was initially arrested in Bucharest, Hungary, in December 2022 and was moved to house arrest in March. The indictment alleged Tate, his brother and two female associates formed an organized criminal gang in 2021 to facilitate human trafficking.