This Is So NYC! Women Have The Most Hilariously Intense Exchange You’ll Ever See (And It Involves President Joe Biden)

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I’ve got some more straight comedy for you, ladies and gentlemen.

As I was scrolling through my Twitter just looking at what was going on in the world, I happened to come across this video that took place in New York City when President Joe Biden was rolling through.

The video features two older women — one who was talking on her phone while watching the president drive by (and a clear Biden supporter), and another who was complaining that Biden (and other presidents) always come into town. Clearly, she wasn’t a supporter of Biden, nor any free world leader for that matter.

Well, the woman on the phone (despite her talking to someone) was so annoyed that she turned around and said, “I don’t agree with you,” which sparked up a small (but hilariously intense) exchange between the two women.

“Well, f*ck you too,” the other woman responds after already yelling out “f*ck you” to Biden as he was rolling by.

Absolute comedic gold!


Holy crap, man. And this is why I can’t help but to have love for New York City.

I don’t care what side of the political spectrum you’re on, you have to admit that the hilarity of this video just makes you appreciate that the old school attitude of the Big Apple still exists. Remember the old days when you could just scream “f*ck you” to somebody, both of you exchanged a few words, and then afterwards, you just go about your business like nothing ever happened?

Yeah, I miss those days. Here in 2023, somebody ends up going nutty and has to either A. fight you, B. shoot you or C. stab you. Nobody can just have a grown adult exchange anymore like these two women did in flying colors. (RELATED: Things Are Getting Dirty! Elon Musk Calls Mark Zuckerberg A ‘Cuck,’ Proposes ‘Literal D*ck Measuring Contest’)

And see?

Nobody got hurt, and provided all of us with grade A entertainment.

Thank you, old school New York. Thank you. Never die.