‘Let Me Finish If You Don’t Mind’: Tucker Demands Asa Hutchinson Defend His Stance On Trans Kids

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Nicole Silverio Media Reporter
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Daily Caller co-founder Tucker Carlson demanded Republican presidential candidate Asa Hutchinson defend his stance on allowing puberty blockers and sex-change operations for minors.

Carlson asked the former Arkansas governor how distorting an adolescent’s natural development is “treatment.” Hutchinson vetoed a bill to ban sex-change surgeries for minors in April 2021, describing the legislation as “vast government overreach.”

“If you have a child who says, he was born a boy and I want to become a girl. He hasn’t gone through puberty yet, he’s say, 10. Is it treatment to prevent him from going through the natural process of adolescence? How is that treatment, it seems not like treatment, it seems like something else,” Carlson said.

“Tucker, I hope we’ll be able to talk about sensitive issues,” Hutchinson began.

“Well, this is one of the biggest issues in the country and I would think every person in this room would agree that it is an essential issue because these are children who are being altered permanently, and you can defend that alter and that change if you’d like, but there’s really no debate on whether or not it’s permanent,” Carlson hit back.

The Arkansas governor said it is essential to allow parents “to guide” children through difficult situations. Hutchinson added he opposes schools pushing transgender ideology on children, and condemned allowing children to use whichever bathroom they choose.

Carlson hit back, reminding Hutchinson that he supports children choosing their gender. (RELATED: ‘Shame And Horror’: Tucker Carlson Doesn’t Mince Words Blasting Doctors Who Perform Sex Changes On Kids)

“But you said children should be able to choose their gender, and parents should be able to affirm that, and the state has no rule in getting involved. So how is that different? You’re saying a child shouldn’t be able to choose a bathroom, but he can choose his sex? I don’t understand,” he said.

“Let me finish what I said,” Hutchinson said. “Let me finish if you don’t mind.”

“Well, please do,” Carlson said.

“And the finish is that I told Obama they were wrong to do it publicly, that school districts can ignore that guidance,” the governor continued. “And so, that’s where I think the government should not be pushing an agenda in our school. And that’s what I oppose.”

A total of 20 states have banned sex-change operations and hormonal procedures for minors. Indiana recently passed a ban in April restricting these procedures for those ages 18 and over.

Reports have concluded that hormone therapy and puberty blockers’ effects are often irreversible and damage fertility, bone density and mental well-being. Several European counties, including the UK, Sweden, Norway and Finland recommended stopping the administration hormones to minors, classifying the procedures as “experimental.”

An Arkansas law banning all child sex change procedures was struck down in June.