Texas City Bans ‘Unnecessary Water Usage’ As Drought Conditions Continue

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Officials in a Texas city have directed residents to “stop all unnecessary water usage” as persistent drought conditions have left the water supply “vulnerable.”

Blanco, a small city west of Austin, had already been facing water conservation efforts since mid-June when officials announced Friday that the water company experienced a pipe break, making the situation all the more dire.

“Today, a small pipe break in [Texas Water Company]’s system (a frequent occurrence) was enough for their delivery of water to the City of Blanco to stop altogether. Without water pumped in, the supply in our holding tank began to rapidly decline. Were this not quickly resolved, we would be on track for our City water system to run completely dry by midday tomorrow,” Mayor Mike Arnold stated in a press release.

The situation prompted officials to implement “Stage 6” water restrictions, the highest emergency level, as the mayor provided access to an old fire station for use as a water distribution center and provided non-potable water in a tanker for residents needing to provide for their livestock, the release stated. In the meantime, Texas Water Company began isolating and repairing the leak. (RELATED: ‘Dead Without Water’: Massive Desert Solar Projects Are Sucking Up Groundwater, Angering Locals)

The efforts served to stave off disaster, at least for the time being, with Arnold reporting on Sunday the city was “holding steady” but planned to remain at Stage 6 until conditions improved, which he hoped would be midday Monday.

“It would be wise for us all to expect we will be in situations like this from time to time until 1) our water plant is back online (anticipated early 2024), and 2) we can ultimately secure a sustainable, plentiful water source,” Arnold stated, urging residents to be “mindful” of their water use.