Lia Thomas Goes Full Antifa In New Social Media Post

(Photo by JOSEPH PREZIOSO/AFP via Getty Images)

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Lia Thomas, the biologically male swimmer identifying as a woman, has apparently embraced the left-wing radical movement known as Antifa, according to a recent social media post.

Donning black shorts, a black BDSM harness and a tank top emblazoned with “Antifa Super Soldier,” Thomas reemerged Monday approximately one month after fellow swimmer, Riley Gaines, testified before Congress about the need to protect women’s sports from transgender athletes.

“#Trans swimmer Lia Thomas, formerly William Thomas, has now embraced the #Trantifa branding in new photos posted on social media. Trans violent militancy is the current focus of #Antifa. They believe that critics of trans ideology should be silenced, maimed or murdered. Some call for sexual violence against females in particular, as revenge,” journalist Andy Ngo observed on Twitter. 

Trantifa, a term coined on social media, refers to a far-left group comprising transgender activists who are willing to intimidate, harass and use violence in an effort to force gender ideology on the rest of society, the Daily Mail reported. Though Trantifa is likely nothing more than a small, fringe group of activists, United Nations (UN) investigator Reem Alsalem, has warned that it represents a “worrying and increasing trend” that should be checked, per the outlet.

Author Julio Rosas echoed Alsalem’s concerns, pointing to transgender mass shooter Audrey Hale, who killed six victims at a Christian school in Nashville in March 2023, as a manifestation of violent trans ideology.

“Trans activists gravitate towards these very far-left groups, because they share their anarcho-communist type ideology,” Rosas explained. “They view the US as systemically racist, that it’s subjugated queer people, and that states passing laws against child mutilations is part of a trans genocide. And they’re fighting back.” (RELATED: San Francisco State University Administrator Addresses Riley Gaines Incident, Praises Trans Community)

Tasked with monitoring violence against women and girls on a global level, Alsalem has observed that women who speak out against trans athletes in sports are increasingly facing harassment or worse, the Mail reported.