REPORT: Walgreens In San Francisco Forced To Chain Food Freezers In Effort To Combat Crime

[Twitter/Screenshot/Public — @bett_yu]

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What else would you expect out of San Francisco?

If you want to buy a bag of chicken, some hamburgers, or some kind of microwave meal in the frozen goods department the next time you go into a Walgreens in San Francisco, you’re going to reportedly be forced to go through a security clearance.

You read that correctly. Anybody who is interested in buying frozen food at Walgreens in The Golden City during the ongoing crime wave will be faced with chained coolers, and will have to go find a clerk to unlock them. That’s how bad things are right now in San Francisco.

“Workers said normally shoplifters clean out all the pizza and ice cream every night. They’re usually hit 20x a day. The whole store is virtually locked up,” tweeted KPIX’s Betty Yu.

Man, it’s sad what’s happened to not just the United States, but the entire West.

And I’m sure a lot of you see it too, I know I do from working in the media — how each passing day, the country and the rest of Western civilization just gets worse and worse, just a slow decline. And it’s been like this for years now.

But wow … have we really arrived at the point where we need to chain frozen food up now? (RELATED: San Francisco Is An American Disgrace! Former Glory City Now Sees Teenagers Attacking Mothers With Baseball Bats)

I guess we have, and it’s just sad. Just so, so sad.