Mitt Romney Spends Way Too Long Telling America How Much He Loves Weiners

Kay Smythe News and Commentary Writer
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Republican Utah Sen. Mitt Romney shared a bizarre video to his Twitter followers on Wednesday, in which he talked effusively about his love of hot dogs.

Romney addressed the video to “all those celebrating” National Hot Dog Day, which is apparently all of us (I did not get a staff email about this). Evidently July 19th is a very special holiday in this great country, and Romney is clearly its biggest fan.

And it’s not just the basic dog-in-bun scenario that gets Romney going, it’s all types of hot dogs. In fact, hot dogs are his favorite meat (is hot dog a meat?), and he likes them all ways. Romney likes his dogs in buns, outside of buns (how does that work?) and even with baked beans (in the bun? on the side? he doesn’t say).

“I just like hot dogs,” the Utah senator told whoever was holding his phone and walking backwards while Romney did his “West Wing” schtick.

Personally, I had no clue that Romney (or the general American public) was this into hot dogs. Maybe it’s because I wasn’t born in America, but in the almost-decade I’ve lived here, I have not noticed a particular affinity for the hot dog. (RELATED: Who TF Does This Guy Think He Is?)

Sure, there are many good dogs out there, but I would say the burger reigns supreme over these lands? Either way, Romney’s video is bizarre. But I guess it was pretty harmless, too.