‘Everyone Is … Dead’: Weatherman Has Hilarious Reaction To Forecast Typo


Elizabeth Weibel Contributor
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A Texas weatherman had a hilarious reaction to a typo which appeared on his screen showing the temperature in one city to be in the hundreds of thousands.

While going through the Wednesday evening weather report on WFAA, Chief Meteorologist Pete Delkus commented on how people living in the city of McKinney would be “dead” due to the temperature reportedly being 101,105 degrees.

“100 in Terrell. Right now in Terrell and in Dallas. Your, your heat index is 107,” Delkus said as then he pointed to the screen, landing on McKinney. “Everyone in McKinney is dead.” (RELATED: ‘Dear Jesus, Please Help Them’: Weatherman Prays During Broadcast As Tornado Rips Through Town)

As he read the temperature off of the screen, Delkus did a double take, asking what it was.

“The temperature, the, the heat index right now in McKinney is 10,000. What is that? 101,105,” McKinney said before commenting it was “hot in McKinney.”

The temperature of the sun’s surface, by comparison, is about 10,000 degrees, according to NASA.

Delkus jokingly said his co-worker, Jesse Hawila, may have been behind the temperature error, adding he “thought he was on paternity leave.”

States such as Texas, Mississippi, Louisiana and California have been facing heat waves this summer, with some locations having heat advisories and excessive heat warnings issued.

Corpus Christi, Texas set a temperature record of 125 degrees June 17, according to the Texas Tribune. Cities such as San Angelo and Del Rio also saw temperatures of 110 degrees or more, according to NBC News.

“Probably the heat index in McKinney’s about 105,” Delkus speculated, adding that they would fix the typo.