Snow White Remake’s Star Touts Movie’s Woke Agenda: ‘She’s Not Going To Be Dreaming About Love’


Sarah Wilder Social Issues Reporter
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The lead star in Disney’s live-action remake of “Snow White” touted the movie’s woke agenda in an interview with Variety from Sept. 2022 that has resurfaced on social media.

“You said you were bringing a modern edge to it on stage, what do you mean by that?” the interviewer asks. (RELATED: The Woke Hollywood Empire Was Built On A Risky Business Model. Now, It’s All Crashing Down)

“I just mean that it’s no longer 1937,” actress Rachel Zegler said. “And we absolutely wrote a ‘Snow White’ that is—”

“She’s not gonna get saved by the prince,” co-star Gal Gadot, who plays Queen Clementianna, interrupted.

A video of the interaction has since amassed over 10 million views.

“Yeah, she’s not gonna be saved by the prince and she’s not gonna be dreaming of true love, she’s dreaming about becoming the leader that she know she can be, and the leader that her late father told her that she could be if she was fearless, fair, brave, and true. So it’s just a really incredible story for young people everywhere to see themselves in.”

For its live-action remake of “Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs,” Disney chose not to cast actual dwarfs as the eponymous characters, according to a report from the Daily Mail. Pictures from the remake show a group of “magical creatures” of varying heights, races and sexes following the Snow White character.

Disney then issued a statement describing the images as “fake,” only to backtrack and call them “misleading.” They now claim that the photos were from the movie but not “official.”

The film is set for a March 2024 release.