Sea Weed: Marijuana Washes Up On Florida Beach

[Screenshot/YouTube/ABC 7]

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Law enforcement officials requested the public avoid a beach in Florida after swaths of marijuana washed up on shore Saturday morning.

The Neptune Beach Police Department investigated Neptune Beach July 22, after beach-goers noticed some strange-looking and smelling sea-weed lining the shore, News 4 Jax reported.

“I did pick it up and smelled it to see what it smelled like. It was weed. It’s kind of crazy,” said beach-goer Zach West, according to the outlet.

Beachgoer Bryan Crews echoed West’s assessment of the situation, telling the outlet the shoreline was covered with weed. “I don’t know from personal experience, but watching shows if you put it altogether it probably would’ve been five or 10 pounds,” Crews assessed, according to News 4 Jax.

Police officials stated a large quantity of marijuana had probably broke open at sea and washed up on the shore, but warned against anyone attempting to take advantage of the situation.

“Before anyone starts thinking about coming out and turning this discovery into your own treasure hunt, we would advise against it. After floating in the ocean for some time, the marijuana has quickly begun to degrade and rot,” the Neptune Beach Police Department stated in a release. (RELATED: Stoner Nations: More Americans Smoke Weed Than Tobacco, Survey Finds)

Police further requested the public avoid the area until the beach could be cleared.