DeSantis Suggests He’d ‘Sic’ RFK On Federal Health Bureaucrats If Elected President


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Republican presidential candidate Ron DeSantis hinted he’d “sic” Robert F. Kennedy Jr. (RFK) on major health agencies if elected president during a Wednesday interview on OutKick.

DeSantis told OutKick founder Clay Travis he would not consider RFK Jr. as his Vice President, citing stark policy differences on an array of issues. However, DeSantis suggested he may “sic” the Democratic presidential candidate on the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) and Food and Drug Administration (FDA). (RELATED: DeSantis 2024 Campaign Announces Mass Layoffs)

“You know, you need somebody that’s going to reflect the values of the broad coalition. Yes, the medical stuff, I’m very good on that. So, that does appeal to me. But, there’s a whole host of other things that he’d probably be out of step with,” DeSantis said.

“If you’re president, sic him on the FDA if he’d be willing to serve, or sic him on CDC. But in terms of being veep [vice president], if there’s, you know, 70% of the issues that he may be adverse to our base on, you know that just creates an issue,” DeSantis added.

RFK has been a vocal critic of health agencies and vaccinations while on the campaign trail. He criticized the CDC’s alleged efforts to “manipulate data” to make the COVID vaccine seem safe. He has also pushed unverified claims about certain vaccinations causing autism.