Hillary Clinton Blames ‘MAGA Republicans’ For Hot Weather In July

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Kay Smythe News and Commentary Writer
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Twice-failed presidential candidate Hillary Clinton blamed summer weather on “MAGA Republicans” in a cringe tweet shared Tuesday.

The tweet featured a slew of headlines from The Washington Post, Forbes, CBS, all claiming that June and July 2023 (ie: summer) were the hottest months ever experienced. “The climate crisis is here. That’s why President Biden passed historic clean energy investments that will grow the economy and help fight climate change,” the caption reads at the bottom. “Every MAGA Republican in Congress voted No.”

Let’s break the science on this down first. Has it been the hottest summer ever? We have no idea, and it is really embarrassing for Clinton to assume that we do.

Gathering long-term climate data is extremely complicated. Not only do scientists have to ensure that existing infrastructure and development don’t warp results, but a majority of the technology we use to track weather and climate today didn’t exist even ten or fifteen years ago.

Secondly, there is literally nothing any amount of money could do to change the global climate, in this author’s opinion. Even if everything we’ve been told about climate change is true and we stopped all forms of pollution today, Earth’s climate wouldn’t change its behavior for thousands of years, something I learned this while studying for my degree in the topic some ten years ago.

Finally, your elected officials can’t really do anything to help you when the weather is hot. Protecting our power grid is probably the only thing they could do to help, and they don’t do that. (RELATED: ‘Starvation, Death, Destruction’: Superstar Actor Makes Strange Warning To Society)

But blaming the climate crisis on MAGA Republicans? I’ve never read anything so hateful, baseless, and clearly designed to enrage her base into hating people who are more likely to be kind, Christian, and clever (in my experience).

If Clinton and her cronies really wanted to stop the impacts of an ever-changing climate, they’d be adapting our homes, our food supply, our energy grids to ensure they could weather whatever happens into the future. But they don’t, they just spew hate while getting richer and richer off their propaganda.