Video Shows Naked Woman Shooting At Cars On Highway

Public/Screenshot/Twitter — User: ActiveAsian

Kay Smythe News and Commentary Writer
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Footage of a naked woman shooting at cars went viral on social media Wednesday, and it’s easy to understand why.

An insanely brave videographer managed to capture the moment a woman apparently went nuts on Tuesday, and started shooting at people on San Francisco’s Bay Bridge, according to Fox 35. It’s not entirely clear why the woman was naked, as some of the facts don’t seem to line up here.

California’s Highway Patrol started receiving calls around 4:40 p.m., with one caller saying that the female driver of a white Chevy sedan brandished a gun at her. Apparently the woman then go out of her vehicle, and started screaming at other drivers on the road. At this time, she was allegedly clothed.

She then returned to her car, drove a short while further, and exited the vehicle again — completely naked. At that point, she started firing a gun at drivers, video shows. No one was injured during the situation, thankfully.

The woman initially refused to surrender to law enforcement, but eventually gave herself up and was taken into custody. The situation is still under investigation, and the woman has received medical treatment and an evaluation. (RELATED: ‘So I Went Out With A Baseball Bat’: Residents Describe Dealing With Rampant Theft In San Francisco)

It’s almost unsurprising that something this horrendous would happen in San Francisco. The city is rampant with untreated mentally ill, often homeless residents. On Monday, CNN filmed a segment at a San Francisco Walgreens, which was robbed three times in just 30 minutes.

Things are totally out of control, but don’t count on anything being done as long as the city keeps electing Democrats.