Ramaswamy Claims Deep State ‘Too Rotten’ To Fix ‘From The Top’, Says He Stands For ‘Revolution’ Not ‘Reform’


Luis Ramirez Contributor
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Presidential candidate and entrepreneur Vivek Ramaswamy claimed Friday at the Iowa Lincoln Dinner the “deep state” is too rotten to fix from the top and called for “revolution,” not “reform.”

Ramaswamy emphasized his belief many government institutions are “rotten,” and the Founding Fathers created our Constitutional Republic for elected officials to run our government, not the “deep state.” The candidate explained how there are good people running in this presidential race who’d like to reform things, and work with our current institutions, but Ramaswamy said this is not enough.

“When those institutions, when that government, when that deep state has become so rotten, we can no longer just fix it from the top. This is not a moment for reform. I don’t stand for reform. I stand for revolution. This is the moment of the American Revolution. Those 1776 ideals that set this nation into motion 250 years ago.”

Ramaswamy opened his speech by telling the audience his parents came to the United States over 40 years ago with almost no money, yet he went on to found successful, multi-million dollar companies.

The entrepreneur also expressed his concerns the American Dream was disappearing, along with patriotism, family, faith and hard work, and how this leaves a “moral vacuum” to be filled. Ramaswamy said this vacuum has been filled with “poison,” like “transgenderism,” “wokeism,” “depression,” “globalism” and “anxiety.” The candidate suggested now was the time for conservatives to fill that void. (RELATED: ‘We’re Paying People To Hate America’: Musk And Ramaswamy Blast Department Of Education)

“These are symptoms of a deeper void of purpose and meaning in our country, and odd enough, that might actually be our opportunity as conservatives. To now level up. To say we are going to fill that void with our answer of what it means to be an American today.”

The Iowa Lincoln Dinner allowed for various presidential candidates to discuss their presidential priorities and plans to beat President Joe Biden in 2024.

Ramaswamy is currently third in the RealClearPolitics 2024 Republican primary poll, trailing Florida Governor DeSantis and Former President Donald Trump.