‘Increasingly Damning’: Jonathan Turley Calls Out Democrat Who ‘Tripped The Wire’ On Biden Scandal

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Brianna Lyman News and Commentary Writer
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Fox News contributor Jonathan Turley called out Democratic New York Rep. Dan Goldman for tripping “the wire” on the Biden scandal.

Goldman said Monday that Hunter Biden frequently put his father, then-Vice President Joe Biden, on speakerphone while talking with his business partners, but claimed it was simply to talk about the weather.

Turley said Goldman’s comment “tripped the wire” in the investigation.

“It’s really amazing to watch the extent in which people like Representative Goldman will just refuse to recognize any evidence. You could have a picture of President Biden actually burying mountains of gold and they would say that he was simply doing gardening. So you know, we have to get beyond that and just keep our eye on what the evidence is, and the evidence is increasingly damning. Goldman himself tripped the wire when he tried to question whistleblowers in the last hearing and he ended up demolishing the president’s defense,” Turley said. “Goldman got the whistleblowers to say ‘yeah, the president did speak to his son about his business dealings’… we have numerous witnesses and events where then vice President Biden and now President Biden was involved. And you have witnesses, like Tony Bobulinski who said he sat down to discuss deals with Joe Biden. And so it’s – we are getting past the point of deniability … But if he’s testified as we have heard that Joe Biden was on numerous calls with business associates, it’s hard to look at what the president said and not say that he’s been lying to the American people for years.”

Turley said if what Goldman said is true, it amounts to influence peddling on Biden’s end. (RELATED: DOJ Says It Won’t Obstruct Devon Archer’s Testimony)

“There was influence peddling here and what the Democrats consistently ignore as with much of the media is that Joe Biden was the subject of the influence peddling. So, yes, the money went through Hunter, but he was the object of the influence peddling, and the extent he knew about these deals he was certainly involved. And you have these allegations that money was transferred through a really amazing labyrinth of accounts to hide these transfers to the Biden family. But the lies about saying ‘I had no knowledge, no involvement with these foreign dealings’ become more serious when one asks ‘why was he lying?’ Why did the president lie during the presidential campaign? Why did he lie as president to say he had no knowledge of the dealings when he is now repeatedly connected to these dinners and events? We even have an audio tape of him telling his son he’s in the clear on these dealings. I mean, at some point the American people will gradually resent being played for chumps.”

During a recent House Oversight Committee hearing, Goldman brought up text messages from Hunter in which he said his father was sitting next to him as he waited for a call from a Chinese business associate. Goldman argued just because Biden was allegedly sitting there doesn’t mean he was involved in the business dealings. IRS whistleblower Gary Shapley said the references “show that [Hunter] told his father he was trying to do business,” prompting Goldman to quickly brush the testimony off.