‘Praying Some Boat Would Come’: Swimmer Swept Out To Sea Survives By Treading Water For 5 Hours


Matthew Xiao Contributor
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An elderly swimmer was rescued Monday after being stranded in the Atlantic Ocean alone for more than five hours, according to ABC7. 

63-year-old Dan Ho was swimming off the coast of Long Island at Cedar Beach when a powerful current swept him out into open water, the outlet reported.  

With no flotation device, Ho reportedly had to tread water for over five hours. After stumbling upon a broken fishing pole, he tied his shirt to the pole and waved it in the air, desperately hoping to catch the attention of any passing boats.

Fortunately, Jim Hohorst and Michael Ross, who reportedly happened to be fishing for striped bass, noticed him. “He was just treading water, praying some boat would come by. I can tell you, no boats in the area, not for miles,” said Ross, per ABC7. 

They immediately pulled Ho aboard their boat and radioed the local police, AP News reported. (RELATED: Australian Sailor And His Dog Survive 2 Months Stranded At Sea)

“He wasn’t looking good, couldn’t move his legs. Hypothermia had set in big time, probably some dehydration. He said he drank a lot of salt water,” said Hohorst. 

Suffolk County police officers responded swiftly, giving first aid and transporting Ho to the Fire Island Coast Guard Station. Ho was later taken to a local hospital for further treatment.

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