Walmart’s First Ever Female Manager Retires After 48 Years

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Matthew Xiao Contributor
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Walmart’s first ever female manager retired July 29 after nearly 50 years of service in Missouri.

Jane Marshall’s career at the retail giant reportedly began during her final year of college when she simply wanted to make some extra money.

“I had no intention to stay with Walmart at all,” she recalled, according to Walmart World

Her career reportedly took an unexpected turn when she moved from a cashier to the store’s apparel section. Her innovative approach to sorting apparel by category and color caught the attention of Walmart leadership, propelling her through the ranks to become an assistant manager and eventually earn her own store to manage, per Walmart World.

While initially hesitant to take on the role of store manager, Jane embraced the challenge and proved her capabilities, successfully turning a profit for her store within just two years despite being told it might take five, the outlet noted.

“I became a manager at a time when there were no female managers,” Jane reflected on her pioneering journey.

“The best part of this career has been the associates that I have had the privilege of working with and the customers that I have been able to serve,” she added.

Jane recalled some customers refusing to recognize her as the manager and insisting on speaking to someone else, to which she would reply “Well, this is what you got,” according to KSHB 41 News. (RELATED: Climate Activists Spray Paint Yacht Apparently Belonging To Walmart Heiress)

She praised the Walmart community, saying she was treated with respect by supervisors and colleagues throughout her career. 

“I appreciate all those people in the past that have always supported me,” Jane said as her farewell.