Carjackers Target CNN Reporter Covering Bay Area Crime


Kay Smythe News and Commentary Writer
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CNN reporter Kyung Lah claimed Wednesday that her car was broken into — again — while she reported on rising crime in California’s Bay Area.

Lah was in Oakland, California, filming a story about rising crime throughout the region when her vehicle was broken into, even though it was completely empty, according to a post she shared on Twitter. Lah and her crew were across the street, filming for the network, when someone — or multiple people — smashed her rear driver’s side window.

The whole thing happened in seconds, Lah noted. She went on to show how thieves will smash the back window and lower the seat to access the trunk, where they presume valuables are more likely to be held. “If you come to San Francisco or Oakland, do not leave a single thing in your car. Ours was thankfully empty,” Lah wrote in another tweet. (RELATED: ‘So I Went Out With A Baseball Bat’: Residents Describe Dealing With Rampant Theft In San Francisco)

“If you’re here keeping track, this is the 3rd time my CNN-rented car has been broken into in the Bay Area in the last year. But I’ve finally learned to not leave even a candy bar in the car anymore,” although she conceded that leaving the car empty doesn’t stop criminals from breaking in.

Under the leadership of Democratic California Gov. Gavin Newsom and various District Attorneys, the entire state has collapsed under the weight of normalized criminal activity, vagrancy, and organized crime. Bay Area residents have reported having to take matters into their own hands, as local politicians continue to create laws that mitigate law enforcement from doing their jobs and protecting citizens.