EXCLUSIVE: Mayor Who’s Running To Defeat Mitt Romney For Senate Reveals Presidential Endorsement

Image Provided to the Daily Caller by Trent Staggs For Utah

Kay Smythe News and Commentary Writer
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Mayor Trent Staggs of Riverton, Utah, who is running to unseat incumbent Sen. Mitt Romney in the 2024 Republican primary, revealed his presidential endorsement exclusively to the Daily Caller Thursday.

“Since Joe Biden has been elected, we’ve seen crippling inflation domestically and turmoil abroad. Right now, as he weaponizes the Justice Department against his political opponents, we need a disruptor. We need someone who’s going to get things done. Donald Trump is the one candidate we don’t have to doubt what he’ll do because we’ve seen what he’s done,” Stagg told the Daily Caller.

“I like many long to have $2 gas and world peace again, so I’m proudly supporting the man who already delivered that, Donald Trump. ”

Staggs first made headlines for calling out his local school board after inappropriate, pornographic materials were allegedly found in schools. More than a hundred volumes of “filth” were reportedly uncovered by a parent organization. (RELATED: Mitt Romney Spends Way Too Long  Telling America How Much He Loves Weiners)

Staggs announced his candidacy for the 2024 Republican Utah primary in May, becoming one of several potential contenders for Romney’s seat. In late July he challenged Romney to the debate stage to discuss why the Senator worked so hard to get President Joe Biden elected.