Media Stealth Edits Posts About Joe Biden’s Grandkids

Chrissy Clark Contributor
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News outlets and garbage tabloids are stealth editing articles about Biden’s grandchildren now that Biden acknowledges his seventh grandchild.

People published an article in November of 2022, titled “Joe Biden’s 7 Grandchildren: Everything to Know.” The article had two short paragraphs about Biden’s seventh granddaughter Navy Jone. On July 28, 2023, the article was updated to include more information on the four-year-old love child.

It seems like the DNC is going to publishers and asking them to update their articles. Probably so the Biden administration doesn’t have to deal with the political consequences of ignoring a little girl for the first four years of her life.

This is Orwellian, man. This is people rewriting history and then feigning ignorance when the voters think you’re a downright liar.

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