Armless Swimmer Guo Jincheng Unbelievably Smashes Para Swimming World Record And Becomes An Instant Legend

[YouTube/Screenshot/Public — NBC Sports]

Andrew Powell Sports and Entertainment Blogger
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This is absolutely crazy.

Armless swimmer Guo Jincheng of China broke the 50m S5 world record last week at the Para Swimming Championships in Manchester, England. Jincheng accomplished the feat finishing more than three-tenths of a second better than the prior record.

In an absolutely unbelievable video, Jincheng is seen sacrificing himself to break the record, crashing his head right into the wall to make sure his time was as speedy as possible — and it paid off in flying colors. Not only does he now own the new world record, but he also became the first para athlete ever to finish in the S5 classification with a time less than 30 seconds.

Jincheng used the power of his legs as he propelled himself underwater nearly the entire time across the pool, only taking two breaths during the 50 meters.

This is crazy, man.

You’ve got all these lazy people all across the world coming up with the most nonsensical excuses to not do that and not do this, and then you have my man Guo Jincheng out here with no arms breaking world records. It’s pretty wild.

Jincheng could have easily used the “no arms” thing as his excuse, and most of us would have given him a pass. After all, it’s hard to operate without any arms, but Jincheng said screw that and ended up breaking a world record. It’s corny and cliché, but it’s true. (RELATED: Eastern Michigan Football’s Brian Dooley Proves He’s Possibly The Best Teammate Ever After Gifting Scholarship)

You really can do anything you want if you work hard and never give up. Just ask Guo.