‘Complete Lack Of Respect’: Chris Christie Rips Trump For Potentially Skipping Debates, Touts Poll Numbers


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Republican presidential candidate Chris Christie took aim at former President Donald Trump on Wednesday’s edition of “Special Report with Bret Baier.”

Christie dismissed the notion that Trump has the nomination locked up due to his overwhelming lead in the polls. He argued that his campaign’s momentum is headed the “right way” as opposed to Republican Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis, and that he has enough time to catch up to Trump. (RELATED: ‘She Let Him Off The Hook’: Chris Christie Slams DeSantis’ Answer On Trump’s 2020 Election Claims)

In just the last two days, there have been two more polls that have come out that now have me tied for second with Gov. DeSantis. One at 11% and one at 9% So, we feel like it’s really moving in our direction,” he said.

“The campaign hasn’t begun yet.”

Christie argued that the first debate in late August will mark the official beginning of the campaign, and that the electorate has not been much paying attention to the race thus far.

“The idea that the American people are really focused on this race, right now, in the middle of vacation season in August around America is kind of silly,” he said.

The former New Jersey governor also lambasted Trump over his consideration not to attend the debates.

“Doesn’t make any difference for me. The difference it makes is for the Republican voters, because it shows his complete lack of respect for Republican voters. He thinks because he won the nomination twice that it’s his. And he thinks that these numbers actually mean they approve of what he did. When in essence, it’s just that he’s the best-known person in the race,” he said.