Soros-Backed Prosecutor Suspended By DeSantis Blows Gasket At Presser

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Brianna Lyman News and Commentary Writer
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The Soros-backed state prosecutor fired Wednesday by Florida Republican Gov. Ron DeSantis lashed out at a press briefing Wednesday afternoon, slamming the move as tyrannical.

DeSantis suspended Monique Worrell for reportedly failing to impose mandatory sentences for gun and drug crimes and allowing convicted minors to avoid jail time. Worrell was an elected state attorney in Orange and Osceola counties.

Morrell said the moment signified a “loss of democracy” by a “weak dictator.”

“Under this tyranny, elected officials can be removed simply for political purposes, and by a whim of the governor, and no matter how you feel about me you should not be OK with that. This is simply a smokescreen for DeSantis’ failing and disastrous presidential campaign. He needed to get back in the media in some positive way that would be red meat for his base. And he will have accomplished that today. He will be in the news nationally and internationally for the individual who has singlehandedly destroyed democracy in the state of Florida.”

Morrell said she has also lost pay, saying she has children to support. (RELATED: George Soros Gives His ‘More Political’ Son Control Of $25 Billion Empire)

“For the people who are celebrating the fact that I’m removed, if there is any humanity in you at all, you should know that this is bigger than just me. There is a family who is being harmed today because of political attacks. This is a political hitjob. It is nothing less than that. And it should be seen for exactly what it is.”

A reporter asked Morrell about DeSantis’ claim that she dismissed more cases than other offices.

“What is your response to that?”

“These are all part of the political narrative. I don’t know that there’s any factual basis towards that. But let’s talk about why cases get dismissed, right? We are making sure that when cases are brought that they are brought within the context of the law. So I’m not going to feed into those political narratives, because we know that the governor has been searching for a reason. We saw a manufactured Juvenile justice report that showed that I lead the state in dismissal of Juvenile justice cases. You have to ask yourself, this report has never before been created, why all of a sudden now? Because it was manufactured by an agency that’s run by the governor. So they can create the facts so that they can support their narrative, but that doesn’t mean that those things are true.”

Judge Andrew Brain of the Ninth Judicial Circuit was appointed by DeSantis to replace Worrell.

DeSantis previously suspended Hillsborough County State Attorney Andrew Warren after he refused to enforce several state laws, such as the law prohibiting sex change operations for minors and the 15-week abortion ban.

Worrell had a “last-minute, outside ad-blitz” from Soros, who put millions of dollars into ads for prosecutors in Orange and Osceola counties, according to the Orlando Sentinel.