If You Think Close-Up Tornado Videos Are Scary, Wait Till You See What Else Is Coming…


Kay Smythe News and Commentary Writer
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Footage shared Wednesday of a storm chaser getting close to a series of tornadoes might scare you, but more wild weather is headed for America in the coming weeks.

AccuWeather’s meteorological rockstar Reed Timmer was at it again on Tuesday, capturing a series of close-up videos of tornadoes. I’ll warn you, these clips make “Twister” look like a kids movie.

But wild weather was ramping up around the country. In Maryland, videos showed electrical poles crashing to the ground as a 70-mph wind tore through the highly urbanized area. Not too far away in Boston, the staircase leading to a local high school turned into a waterfall as downpours drenched the entire city.


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A severe thunderstorm also developed over Raleigh, North Carolina, with stunning video footage being shared on Instagram as it made its way over the downtown area. Residents some 40-minutes from the eye of the storm said thunderclaps lasted for minutes at a time, and the downpour led to some mild flooding (and I know because I am that resident, and my backdoor let in water). (RELATED: Super High Temperatures Expected Throughout US As Hazards Ramp Up For Summer)

More severe thunderstorms are expected throughout South Carolina, Georgia, and parts of Florida throughout Wednesday, the National Weather Service noted. Tornado warnings also continued into Wednesday morning in Wild Horse, Colorado

It seems like this El Niño season is far from over, despite all things being quiet over the Atlantic. Almost … too quiet.