Ukraine Military’s Trans Spokesperson Says Russian Soldiers Aren’t Human


Sarah Weaver Social Issues Reporter
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An American-born transgender soldier is working as a junior sergeant for Ukrainian Territorial Defense Force, and is also its spokesperson.

Sarah Ashton-Cirillo enlisted in the Armed Forces of Ukraine as a combat medic after coming to the country as a reporter soon after Russia’s invasion. (RELATED: Russia’s Top Tennis Player Comes Out As Gay, Which Is Illegal In Russia)

“Sarah informs the English-speaking audience – she objectively covers the events of the Russian-Ukrainian war, debunks Russian fakes and propaganda,” Deputy Defense Minister of Ukraine Hanna Malyar said, according to the Kyiv Post. “Sarah’s audience reach on Twitter alone was 28.3 million users. So, the enemies get excited on hateful social networks, of course. However, this has only increased Sarah’s audience.”

In a video circulating on Twitter, Ashton-Cirillo stands in from of a Ukrainian flag and a poster of a Russian soldier and says that the latter is “not human.”

“Do you know the difference between us and them? Besides fighting under this flag and for freedom, on behalf of the people of Ukraine while the Russians are fighting for tyranny and dictatorship? It’s pretty simple, we’re human, and those guys most definitely aren’t,” Ashton-Cirillo says in the video.

Ashton-Cirillo posts videos of the destruction wrought by the war between Ukraine and Russia on his Twitter. In one video, Ashton-Cirillo posted, “an office view of the war returning to Russia.”

“They didn’t see it coming! According to Russian reports this WAS a factory that made optical sights for the Russian military. Not anymore,” Ashton-Cirillo posted with a video of towering smoke over a Russian city.