‘Dumber Than Dirt’: Graham Says DOJ Is Trying To Pull A Fast One On Americans With Weiss appointment

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Brianna Lyman News and Commentary Writer
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South Carolina Republican Sen. Lindsey Graham said Friday the Department of Justice is trying to pull a fast one on Americans with the appointment of special counsel David Weiss.

Attorney General Merrick Garland announced Friday Weiss advised him the ongoing investigation into Hunter Biden had “reached the stage” where Weiss should continue as special counsel. Weiss had been overseeing the investigation into Hunter previously, with IRS whistleblower Gary Shapley testifying Weiss allegedly told a group of law enforcement officials in October of 2022 that he was “not the deciding person on whether charges [would be] filed” in the Hunter case. Weiss denied the accusations in a letter to Graham, saying he had “never been denied the authority to bring charges in any jurisdiction.”

Graham called the appointment politically charged Friday. (RELATED: ‘He’s Inside The Government!’: Andy McCarthy Tears Into DOJ Appointing Weiss As Special Counsel)

“This is like the dumbest, dumber than dirt political move,” Graham said. “On a Friday afternoon and anything bad you wanna talk about on a Friday afternoon, they make a four minute announcement, ‘we’re gonna turn Weiss into a special counsel to remove any and all doubt.’ Andy is right. There is no ongoing investigation of Hunter Biden or Joe Biden.”

“Why would you accept a plea to have the case if you were continuing to investigate the guy for other crimes. Nobody ever does that. The only reason we are talking about this, the plea deal blew up because of a good judge. In that plea agreement, they were going to wipe out all the financial transactions as potentially criminal if he did the diversion agreement on the gun. There has never been a deal like this in the history of America so the judge blew up the deal and Weiss, according to the whistleblower, has had pressure on him from day one to short circuit this investigation. So when I hear the attorney general tell me today ‘I’m gonna make Weiss special counsel,’ that creates more problems than answers that it gives.”

Hunter recently pleaded not guilty to charges related to tax fraud after a plea deal fell apart. The judge questioned the wide-ranging immunity from future prosecutions unrelated to the scope of the charges.