‘Disinterested At Every Level’: Laura Ingraham Blasts Top Democrats For Decline Of Major Cities


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Fox News host Laura Ingraham ripped Democratic California politicians over the spiking crime and drug use in the state on Monday’s edition of “The Ingraham Angle.”

Ingraham argued that liberal states such as California are losing inhabitants because the politicians are “disinterested at every level” in addressing local issues. She then invited Republican California Rep. Kevin Kiley to discuss what has gone wrong in the state.

Kiley lamented the failure of progressive politics in San Francisco, arguing that although the city has been on the downswing for a while, it is now approaching the point of “total collapse.” Kiley pointed out that retailers are fleeing the city en masse in response to the unchecked crime.

“Its population is declining faster than any major city in U.S. History,” he said. (RELATED: San Francisco Is Giving Free Money To Transgender People — And They’re Prioritizing Prostitutes, Illegal Migrants)

The Republican congressman called San Francisco “one of the most beautiful places on Earth.” However, he argued that the city’s reputation has deteriorated and it has become synonymous with “bashed-in windshields” and “open-air drug markets” rather than the Golden Gate Bridge or Fisherman’s Wharf.

“It’s gotten so bad, Laura, that even Gavin Newsom is talking about sending in the National Guard,” Kiley said.

He stated that California has adopted laws that effectively “legalized criminal activity.” He cites the lowering of the threshold for felony theft and legalizing Class A drugs. He also added that San Francisco has defunded the police.

“How do you make San Francisco, one of the most beautiful places on Earth, the most popular city in U.S. history to leave? And it’s because of the failure of these radical progressive policies,” he said.