‘The Wicked Will Perish’: Oliver Anthony Reads From Bible At Concert


Sarah Wilder Social Issues Reporter
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Breakthrough country star Oliver Anthony, who went viral with the hit song “Rich Men North of Richmond,” read a passage of Scripture during a concert.

Music legend John Rich contacted Anthony, offering to help produce Anthony’s record. After Radio VW shared Anthony’s song online, it quickly racked up millions of views.

At a recent concert, Anthony read from Psalm 37:12-20. (RELATED: Rolling Stone Tries To Minimize ‘Rich Men North Of Richmond’ As Right-Wing ‘Screed’)

“The wicked plots against the righteous and gnashes his teeth at him, but the Lord laughs at the wicked, for he sees that his day is coming,” the passage reads. “The wicked draw the sword and bend their bows to bring down the poor and needy, to slay those whose way is upright; their sword shall enter their own heart, and their bows shall be broken.”

“Better is the little that the righteous has than the abundance of many wicked. For the arms of the wicked shall be broken, but the Lord upholds the righteous. The Lord knows the days of the blameless, and their heritage will remain forever; they are not put to shame in evil times; in the days of famine they have abundance. But the wicked will perish; the enemies of the Lord are like the glory of the pastures; they vanish — like smoke they vanish away.”

Anthony prefaced his reading of the Scriptures by commenting on the massive success that has come to him so quickly.

“It’s crazy to me because I remember back in June I played here for about 20 people. But that’s the beautiful part of this country though, because even an idiot like me can make something happen. So if I can do it you can do it.”

Anthony was 30 days sober when Rich reached out to him about producing his song. Anthony has struggled with mental health, alcohol addiction and despair.