Rolling Stone Tries To Minimize ‘Rich Men North Of Richmond’ As Right-Wing ‘Screed’


William Thompson Contributor
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After taking social media by storm, Rolling Stone labeled Oliver Anthony’s viral country track, “Rich Men North of Richmond,” a right-wing ‘screed.’

“I wish politicians would look out for miners/And not just minors on an island somewhere,” Anthony sang.

Anthony, a self-proclaimed farmer embracing an off-the-grid lifestyle, embarked on his songwriting journey in 2021, Rolling Stone reported. After wasting “a lot of nights getting high and getting drunk,” the Virginia artist cultivated a following with solo tracks such as “Ain’t Gotta Dollar,” the outlet noted.

Yet, it was Anthony’s recent performance video for “Rich Men North of Richmond” that sparked online fervor, striking a chord with notable conservative voices like Dan Bongino and Matt Walsh, per Rolling Stone. (RELATED: The True Life Story Behind Mega Viral Country Hit ‘Rich Men North Of Richmond’ Sent Chills Up My Spine)

The lyrics scrutinized numerous contemporary challenges in America, including rampant inflation, the welfare state, political corruption, and even references to Jeffrey Epstein.

Anthony’s voice echoed the collective struggles of the 21st Century, lamenting, “Lord, it’s a damn shame/what the world’s gotten to/For people like me and people like you.”

Walsh emphasized that the song’s unfiltered authenticity resonates with listeners, stating on Twitter, “[w]e are suffocated by artificiality.” The Daily Wire commentator additionally pledged his unwavering support for all of Anthony’s future endeavors.

Anthony’s candid introduction video on YouTube, titled “It’s a pleasure to meet you,” highlights his political centrism and concern for human trafficking, evident in his song’s lyrics.

The red-bearded songwriter declared an impartial political stance, asserting, “it seems like both sides serve the same master.” That master, however, “is not someone of any good to the people of this country,” Anthony noted.

DC Draino likened “Rich Men North of Richmond” to Jason Aldean’s recent hit, “Try That in a Small Town.” The popular conservative influencer posted on Twitter, “[p]eople are starved for music that speaks to them about today’s problems.”