‘Abyss Filled With Crime’: Pete Hegseth Slams Chaos In San Francisco


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Fox News personality Pete Hegseth slammed San Francisco politicians over the city’s worsening chaos and crime during Tuesday’s edition of “Jesse Watters Primetime.”

The guest host accused San Francisco’s political leaders of turning the city into a wasteland. (RELATED: Walgreens Closing 5 More Stores In San Francisco Because Of ‘Ongoing Organized Retail Crime’)

“San Francisco’s leadership turned a once-beautiful city into an abyss filled with crime, drugs, and homelessness. You know that,” he said.

Hegseth claimed that employees of Democratic California Rep. Nancy Pelosi and hundreds of federal employees have been instructed to work from home because it is too dangerous to work from their office at the San Francisco Federal Building. He also said the city needed to stop the construction of a billion-dollar tower over crime fears.

He also slammed Vice President Kamala Harris for failing to address the mounting problems.

“It’s not just Nancy who flushed the city down the toilet,” he said.

“Kamala Harris was the D.A. of San Francisco for six years. She could’ve helped prevent this, but of course she failed like she does at everything,” Hegseth said.

Hegseth pointed out that residents of cities like San Francisco and Seattle are moving out in droves, citing drug use and gun violence among their largest concerns.

Republican California Rep. Kevin Kiley slammed the failure of top Democrats in his state on Monday.

“How do you make San Francisco, one of the most beautiful places on Earth, the most popular city in U.S. history to leave? And it’s because of the failure of these radical progressive policies,” he said.

Homicides in San Francisco have risen 20.7% since the start of the year, according to Fox News. Robberies and car theft have also increased by 14% and 13%.